Working with Dunkley Strategic Marketing

Working the way that works best for you...

DSM can work with you in a number of ways, all dependent on your company's current stage of development, market situation, and business objectives.

Are you an emerging company, just getting started?

As an emerging company, you might be focused on building a solid business foundation, and may not be ready to develop a marketing function. Marketing might seem like a "nice to have" thing at this point. In reality, the right marketing support at this early stage can be critical to helping you build a strong foundation, and we can help.

For smaller companies who don't yet have a marketing capability, we can provide it on an outsourced basis. Based on your needs, we can develop a marketing strategy and budget, then implement it for you. We can work with you on a project or retainer basis, depending on your needs. Let us be your marketing team until you're ready to build your own. You might be surprised at the difference we can make.


Are you a midsized company, focused on growth?

As a midsized company, you may already have a marketing person in placeā€¦ or a full marketing team . You may even be that marketing person or the head of that team. We can help extend your capabilities to drive significantly higher return on investment across the spectrum of your activities.

Whether you need help with strategy development, tool and process development, content creation, thought leadership marketing, campaign management, or special projects, we are here to help.


Are you a large, more established company?

While midsized companies are our "sweet spot," we also like working with large companies. Even the largest companies with the biggest teams need help at certain times or in specialized areas. We can work as an extension of your team to help you reach your goals. Depending on your needs, we can work with you on a project basis or a retainer basis.