Sales Excellence

Convert relationships into revenue.

In sales, smart is great... but systematic is key.

Many times, companies fail to reach their potential because they aren’t systematic about selling. Professional services firms often hit a plateau because they are dependent on just a few "rainmakers" to bring in new business. They sometimes use inconsistent selling approaches, fail to build more capable selling teams, and use inadequate selling processes, tools and management practices. Bigger companies can also experience similar problems
DSM will help your company create a more powerful sales organization. It’s time to get off the plateau...or bypass it altogether!

Here’s what we can help you do:

  • Design your Selling Process to help you build and manage a bigger, better pipeline of business opportunities
  • Broaden your sales team beyond a few "rainmakers", train your sales people, and build a culture that drives business
  • Create a system that holds sales team members accountable, measures results, and improves performance
  • Improve prospecting to boost the number of opportunities that go into the "large end of the funnel"
  • Improve conversion and win rates (convert a higher percentage of opportunities to proposals, and more proposals to wins)
  • Enhance account management approaches to maximize the business you derive from current customers
  • Facilitate better cooperation and cross-selling among teams
  • Design more effective selling tools (such as account strategy templates, sales presentations, proposal templates, etc.)

Our sales-related services focus on these key areas:

  • Selling Strategy
  • Development of Selling Process & Pipeline Management Tools
  • Sales Team Development
  • Development of Selling Tools & Collateral (Presentations, Proposals, etc.)
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Sales Coaching
The goal is to help your team transform relationships into revenue every single day.