Connect with prospects and customers.

Get "top of mind" and create relationships that pay you back.

It’s the old marketer’s lament: "I know that half my budget is wasted. I just don’t know which half." Even in today’s world of sophisticated marketing automation systems, that lament is true for a lot of companies. It doesn’t have to be that way. We know how powerful marketing can be in establishing a brand, engaging with prospects, and facilitating relationships.
We also know the value of defining success and measuring results. Every tactic in a marketing budget should have a mission, a metric, and be measured against it.
For professional services firms, we develop marketing programs that are guided by your brand strategy and designed to create relationships that pay you back. Key areas of focus include:


Drive awareness, communicate your key messages, and "cement" your company in the minds of your prospects.
  • Ad Campaign Development (leveraging our agency and design partners)
  • Media Planning
  • Media / Public Relations

Thought Leadership

It’s critical for a professional services firm to be viewed as the key expert in its chosen field. To rise above the noise, you must produce thought leadership content that gives you overwhelming credibility and sets you apart. We are pros at developing and placing sophisticated content:
  • Published Articles
  • White Papers
  • Proprietary Research Reports
  • Blogs and Related Content
  • Social Media
  • Speaking Engagements (as part of a strategic conference program)

Content Marketing

Distribute your thought leadership content via a systematic marketing program. We can help you develop a content marketing program that will engage your prospects, demonstrate your expertise, initiate new relationships, and generate business inquiries. Content marketing programs can involve
  • Content Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Direct Marketing Management
  • Trade / Business Media Relations and Publishing
  • Conference Presentations
  • Infrastructure Development, for example:
    • Blog set-up
    • Social media account set-up
    • Social media automation and tracking tools
    • Media strategy and planning
    • Search engine optimization tools
    • Processes and tools to facilitate engagement, conversion, and integration with CRM

Lead Generation

"Lead generation" sounds like an old-fashioned term. But, all marketing programs should help throw business opportunities into the large end of the business funnel. The key is to be systematic in generating leads and highly focused on measuring the results of lead generation programs. Lead generation programs alone should be able to drive 15-20% of the annual revenues of a professional services firm and, over time, bring in about 50% of all new clients. We can help you breathe new life into
  • Conferences / Trade Shows
  • Content Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
DSM helps you use marketing to engage with your target market in ways that pay you back. That will help you get "top of mind" with prospects, and ensure that you are the first call when they have a need. Again, defining success up front is critical, as is measuring results. We’ll work with you to map the shortest path between a marketing investment on the front-end, and new revenue on the back-end