Stand out from competitors.

To win, transform your competitors into "everybody else."

Your brand is more than a name and a logo. Simply put, it’s what your prospects and customers think of you. Some brands are great and some are bad. Some are intentional and some are unintentional. But all brands impact their companies’ growth prospects.
Your brand should embody your company’s attitude and values. It should set you apart from your competitors. It should make it clear why you’re different, and why customers should trust you, buy from you, and stay with you.
For professional services firms, we develop marketing programs that are guided by your brand strategy and designed to create relationships that pay you back. The key components of a brand strategy include:

Value Proposition

Concisely articulate why customers should buy from you.

Positioning Strategy

Decide how you want customers to perceive your company relative to competitors.

Message Strategy

Outline the key messages that will cement your desired position in your customers' minds.

Brand Identity

Develop a logo, visual design scheme, tone, and other elements that will express your brand and bring your strategy to life.
Whether you are creating a new brand from scratch or breathing new life into an old one, we can help. In any branding project, DSM provides the strategic guidance and project management. We also develop or enhance your value proposition, positioning strategy, and key message strategy. When it comes creating logos, visual design schemes, and new names, we engage with other firms in our network who specialize in those areas. For you, the process is seamless and integrated.