Driving Growth for

Professional Services Firms

Understand how your prospects think

When you know what — and how — your prospects think, spotting opportunity becomes a lot easier.

The right kinds of research will help you better understand your market and find new opportunities to win. We can help you identify unmet customer needs, opportunities to differentiate, and new ways to generate a competitive advantage.

Brand Development Research

  • Understand how your targets make buying decisions
  • Assess your competitors and their market positions
  • Test positioning strategies and key messages

Awareness & Perception Research

  • Measure awareness of your company
  • Determine how your market views your company relative to your competitors
  • Identify opportunities to stand out

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses from your customers' points of view
  • Drive customer satisfaction
  • Strengthen ties between you and your customers
Our goal is to help maximize your knowledge of your customers, prospects, and competitors. It's key to helping you win.

Stand out from competitors

To win, transform your competitors into "everybody else."

Your brand is more than a name and a logo. It should make it clear why you’re different, why prospects should buy from you, and why customers should stay with you. We can help develop or enhance all key components of your brand:

Value Proposition

Concisely articulate why customers should buy from you.

Positioning Strategy

Decide how you want customers to perceive your company relative to competitors.

Message Strategy

Outline the key messages that will cement your desired position in your customers' minds.

Brand Identity

Develop a logo, visual design scheme, and tone to make your brand come to life.
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Connect with prospects and customers

Get "top of mind" and create relationships that pay you back.

It's the old marketer's lament: "I know that half my budget is wasted. I just don't know which half." It doesn't have to be that way. We can help you create powerful marketing programs that boost your brand, engage with prospects, and create relationships that pay you back.

Marketing Communications

Build awareness, communicate your key messages, and "cement" your company in the minds of your prospects.

Thought Leadership

Be viewed as the key expert in your field. Rise above the noise by producing content that gives you overwhelming credibility, sets you apart, and gives you a selling advantage.

Content Marketing

Develop content marketing programs that engage your prospects, demonstrate your expertise, initiate new relationships, and generate business inquiries.

Lead Generation

Drive new opportunities into the “large end” of the business funnel. Be systematic about generating leads and maximizing return on investment.

Convert relationships into revenue

In sales, smart is great... but systematic is key.

Too often, companies fail to reach their potential because they aren't systematic about selling. They sometimes use inconsistent selling approaches, fail to build more capable selling teams, and use inadequate selling processes, tools and management practices. DSM will help your company create a more powerful sales organization.

key areas of focus:

  • Selling Strategy
  • Development of Selling Processes and Pipeline Management Tools
  • Sales Team Development
  • Development of Selling Tools & Collateral (Presentations, Proposals, etc.)
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Sales Coaching
Our goal is to help your team transform relationships into revenue every single day.
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Working the way that works best for you.

DSM can work with you in a number of ways, all dependent on your company's current stage of development, market situation, and business objectives.

Choose your organization's size:


Emerging Company

Focus: Getting Started

For smaller companies who don't yet have marketing efforts, we can provide it on an out-sourced basis. Based on your needs, we can develop a marketing strategy and budget, then implement it for you.

Mid-Sized Company

Focus: Growth

You may have a marketing person — or a full marketing team — in place. You may even be that marketing person or the head of that team. We can help extend your capabilities to drive significantly higher ROI.

Established Company

Focus: Capability Enhancement

While mid-sized companies are our "sweet spot," we also love working with large companies. Depending on your needs, we can work with you on a project basis or retainer basis. The sky's the limit!

Our Leadership

CRAIG DUNKLEY has spent more than 20 years designing, building, and leading marketing and selling organizations for successful professional services firms and business-to-business enterprises. He has helped launch and build several organizations, establishing and growing their brands into market leading positions. Craig has served as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing / Chief Marketing Officer for WasteZero, Inc., the nation’s leading company focused on helping cities and towns reduce residential waste. Prior to that, he was the Chief Marketing Officer for Campbell Alliance, a leading management consultancy focused on pharmaceuticals and biotech. While there, he designed and built the firm’s marketing organization from the ground up, playing a key role in Campbell Alliance’s 16-fold revenue increase and successful sale to inVentiv Health. Craig’s other professional experience includes working as a Global Marketing Manager at Quintiles, the world’s leading contract pharmaceutical research organization, as well as successful roles at Schneider National Carriers and the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.